The coronavirus “pandemic”

The past few weeks have stilled the world. People have changed their activity – from the hectic movement from place to place of frenetic business to staying put to home-school children, many have changed their lives dramatically. The sales people are no longer allowed to see their diverse clients whether in store or as a visit, their partners no longer go to their jobs (whether they were the necessary second income or voluntary work), their children no longer are outdoors with their friends at school or in the park.

Life has changed dramatically since the New Year began. Self-isolation and phobias have become commonplace. Even politicians have reversed their thinking. Now society has become a reality as the lack of contact has highlighted how much connection people actually had in spite of the social distancing encouraged by years of economic solipsism.

With the enforced curtailment of outside work, many have started to re-evaluate their activity, for instance, I have begun the overhaul of this website. New content and a sharing of my thoughts on publishing and current events.