The Benefice of Slimbridge and Sharpness with Purton

Pax vobiscum

Visit this place, O Lord, we pray and drive far from it the snares of the enemy; May your holy angels dwell with us and guard us in peace, and may your blessing be always upon us; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Here are the links to private worship.

A simpler possibility is on the Church of England website. On their page there is a link to a sound file for daily prayer. If you would like to have a local input, please look at this page to see what the ministry team in the benefice has offered.


The dicese has a section devoted to children your and families in which people are sharing their experiences. Please tell others about ideas and activities which work well for you, books you enjoyed, and helpful practices via the website.

For quick, direct browsing use this link

Some information about corona virus from the NHS

For the most up to date Church of England guidance on COVID-19 click here.

Sermons on the Diocese website

A sermon from a senior member of clergy, to be used in parishes to support clergy in their parish and benefice worship. Click here to see the listing on the website.

Parish magazine

The latest edition of the parish magazine is available here