Database Publishing

Database Publishing (DBP) is one of the most easily exploited aspects of modern publishing. From the simple form in which data is entered, the computer has been able to bring more complexity to this aspect of publishing. By accessing information already held within an organisation, DBP allows the company to communicate effectively with its clientele, informing specifically about certain items.

By using DBP, a company can reduce its production costs of catalogues and product sheets which are sent out to prospective clients. DBP is able to mine the database for specific information to communicate with those whom the company feel should know about its specific products.

An horticultural example

From the bare data


To the text file

@P = <$&DBP_1><r>

@title = Coronado Imperial

@a href=c_imp.jpg  = Height: 5'<r>Color: Bright, red<r>Buds: Long-ovoid<r>
Blooms: 5"<r>Petals: 30<r>Stems: 18"<r>Foliage: Matte green<r>
Fragrance: Moderate

@p = 

@description = Rare color along with superb fragrance are the reasons 
this rose has enjoyed remarkable popularity for many years. The color is 
a rich lilac purple, and the fragrance is a strong, sweet scent that will 
remind you of lucious, ripe raspberries. You'll enjoy watching as its <@236>
deep purple buds tease you, seeming to hold forever in the 
half-open stage. Freshly opened blooms are a bright pink that soon 
softens.Price: 3 for $27.95

@P = <$&DBP_2><r>

@title = Fairy Tale

@a href=fairy.jpg  = Height: 3'<r>Color: Scarlet Red<r>Buds: Pointed<r>
Blooms: 4" to 5"<r>Petals: 40 to 50<r>Stems: 10"<r>Foliage: Semi-glossy
<r>Fragrance: Slight

@p = 

@description = A rose that brings exceptional beauty 
and quality to your garden! Brilliant red blooms with classic, spiraled 
form are carried on long stems, making this a superior cutting rose. 
The plant itself is self-cleaning, so it always appears well-groomed 
in your garden. And the vivid flowers stay bright without fading in 
the garden and in bouquets. Performs brilliantly in all climates.
Price: 3 for $41.50

@P = <$&DBP_3><r>

@title = Liz's Secret

@a href=q_liz.jpg  = Height: 6'<r>Color: Pink blend<r>Buds: Long,pointed<r>
Blooms: 5" to 6"<r>Petals: 30 to 40<r>Stems: 18" to 20"<r>Foliage: Medium 
green<r>Fragrance: Stong

@p = 

@description = With its captivating color, vigorous 
growth, freeblooming habit and rich, sweet scent, it's easy to <@236>
understand the instant popularity of this rose! It sets loads of large, <@236>
fragrant blossoms on a tall, stately bush. Deep pink buds -- some up to 2" 
long -- open in slow, exquisite spirals into blooms that are large 
and lovely . . . a lucious blend of rose and pink shades.Price: 3 for $48.95

@P = <$&DBP_4><r>

@title = Mary's Desire

@a href=desire.jpg  = Height: 3' to 4'<r>Color: Red<r>Buds: short, pointed<r>
Blooms: 1" to 2"<r>Petals: 45<r>Stems: 10" to 12"<r>Foliage: Dark Green<r>
Fragrance: Slight

@p = 

@description = Always loaded with bright red, 1" to 
1 1/2" blooms that look like little hybrid tea roses! Grows 3' to 
4' tall. A dense habit makes this rose excellent for low edges and 
borders -- a real bloom for your landscape!Price: 3 for $45.60

@P = <$&DBP_5><r>

@title = Rose Beauty

@a href=red_beau.jpg  = Height: 51<r>Color: Red<r>Buds: 
Long, pointed<r>Blooms: 4" to 5"<r>Petals: 35<r>Stems: 14" to 18"
<r>Foliage: Dark Green<r>Fragrance: Light

@p = 

@description = When Rose Beauty opens its gleaming, 
red blooms, the garden seems suddenly to fill with light! Our '98 
winner is a thoroughly impressive performer and a joy to grow . . 
. vigorous, disease resistant, and it rewards you with a bounty of 
large, well-formed blossoms. The flowers begin as long, light yellow 
buds and open into radiant full blooms presented against lustrous 
dark foliage. A stunning rose, a must for your garden!Price: 4 for $54.35

@P = <$&DBP_6><r>

@title = Yellow Brandy

@a href=brandy.jpg  = Height: 4'  to 5'<r>Buds: long, tapered<r>
Blooms: 4" to 6"<r>Petals: 30 to 35<r>Stems: 12" to 18"<r>
Foliage: Dark Green<r>Fragrance: Light

@p = 

@description = This rose's long, pointed buds open 
to blossoms of dramatically superior form -- high-centered, beautifully 
spiraled, with broad petals that show a hint of ruffle, showcased 
by lush, dark green foliage. Add a touch of class and enjoy this award-winning 
beauty in your garden this season!Price: 4 for $29.95

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